Rough Seas

rough seas

This painting is not a daily painting but a painting I painted in a day. What’s the difference? I spent a lot more time on this and its a lot larger. about 15 by 20 $200.0
This is a technique I learned from Billy Shellburn at Wild Acres, I thought I would show it to you because the white caps are white ink. In regular watercolor you would leave the white of the paper and in this technique, you use an eye dropper to paint the white ink on top of the waves, then spritz it with water to make it look like its a wave turning over or breaking. The ink is thicker than watercolor and more opaque so it sits on top of the blue color beneath.

Also… Rather than paper, you paint on Illustration board.

This is a picture of the moon at sunrise. It was still out and very beautiful at Wild Acres.

This was sunrise at Wild Acres. A wonderful retreat where I have spent the last two days resting and painting. It was very nice. Billy Shelburn was there and she shared several techniques using watercolor, ink and tissue paper, all of which I will share here on my blog. You can go to the web site if interested in this wonderful non profit retreat for artists and educators.



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