“Koi in Motion” ACEO 2.5 by 3.5

koi atc

15.00 plus 1.50 S&h

I ordered some new paper and was a little disappointed to find it wasn’t what I expected. After working with a few sheets I came up with this little gem that I felt was good enough to put on my blog. For any artist, their materials are very important and they don’t usually make too many changes once they have become familiar with them.

Non- painting folks think if you can paint on one surface you should be good with almost any other surface. This isn’t always the case.

Since watercolor works with the absorbency rate of the paper, this needs to be consistent or you won’t produce the same result when you go from one paper to the next. When starting out with this new paper, I had to paint another small painting to “test” the paper.
Then I allowed it to dry before checking to see how glazes worked and found it had a few quirks. Usually I try to work with its limitations and explore what it does best, then go in that direction.

This is always a good idea before committing yourself to a large piece. You can avoid a few hours of frustration.


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