Blue Woods at the Lake ACEO


Mixed media $13.00 plus 1.5 shipping and Handling

This ACEO or “Artist Collectors Edition or Original” or ATC ( Artist Trading Card) looks much better in person, I think the flash washed out a lot of the depth.  If your interested I’ll photograph it for you again. Thanks for stopping by. size is 2.5 by 3.5 inches

I really feel bad about missing one of the bigger shows of the season at the Art League, I have plenty of paintings I could have put into the show, but not enough time or energy to get them ready. Its a show of extra large works which I will absolutely love to see, larger pieces are so dynamic.

My Husband …. Update: Its possible my Husband may get out of the hospital next week. His Chest tubes are out and he is only on oxygen. The pain is still pretty bad for him and he has some heart problems, (PCVs and rappid heart rate) but medication seems to be keeping that in check. A nurse will come to our home to give him shots and a therapist will help him with his lung problem. I’ll be able to take care of him and I think his appetite and outlook will get better at home. Cross your fingers…


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