Pink Roses for me too

pink roses for me too
4.5 by 4 inches 30.00

This is the companion painting I made for the other small rose bud painting I completed earlier this week. I have tried to sneak in painting whenever I can, usually when I’m waiting or if Art’s (my husband) asleep, it’s a saving grace for me and something that’s helps me get thru each day. Its the one constant. Like an old friend, my palette and brushes are there for me, I find comfort and solace in painting.

 I have been a little down this week and I guess its because it has been so long now…going to the hospital everyday and hoping that all will be better tomorrow. Of course tomorrow is the same thing and days have turned into weeks ( six weeks) each day seems to be no-different than the next. The long days and nights seem almost a blurr to me and I’m tired most of the time.
I’m glad I have the little dailies to paint, its like a small oasis in an unfamiliar landscape. I’ve tried not to write about my husband’s accident because I’m an upbeat person most of the time who likes to be positive. To talk about each procedure, each, situation just seems to dwell on the negative. I’m sure he will be 100% one day, its just going to take time.


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