Self not for sale

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I think I will incorporate this little painting into a collage piece I have in mind. People say all paintings are self portraits so thats why I called this “self”.
watercolor on paper 3 by 4 inches


One thought on “Self not for sale

  1. Great painting! The face is wonderfully abstract. It has a very Matisse flavor about it. It looks like someone you surely must know, so perhaps it is you….or maybe we see ourselves in others; interpret others through the filter of how we see ourselves; paste our sense of self on others. Occasionally a face that emerges in art, quite by accident , can speak to us about something that is buried in our hearts. I have experienced that more than once. Our art is a release of our deepest feelings about our experiences. Sometimes we artists don’t understand it but it communicates something to others. It may not communicate what we thought we intended but it does not matter. The viewer is stirred by his own intrepretation.

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