The Couple

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4 by 5 40.00
I painted several paintings last night and there seem to be a theme ….everything was leaning towards the reds. I saved this one for you because the blue seems to give the viewer some relief.

If my paintings lately seem to be a bit … Huh… how should I say this… different? That’s because I’ve been spending most waking hours in a hospital and the vive one picks up in these places is less than positive.

Also I’m rather tired when I get home, so the paintings although therapeutic for me, might not be my normal style.


4 thoughts on “The Couple

  1. interesting to notice how quickly and easily our work and subject is affected by what’s going on in and around us, isn’t it? when my mom was dying i created a body of work with very ethereal birds in pastel, which was a different tangent for my work. i didn’t really know my mom was dying when i started it but when the series was completed it was obvious i did know spiritually….the birds told the whole story, including the moments of despair and forgiveness and the release into the light. as artists we are lucky to have such ways to express what we’re going through even when we’re not even sure what it is we’re going through….

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