Eternal Summer ACEO

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This ACEO is available for $13.00 plus 1.5 for S & H, please let me know if your interested.

It’s hot here in the south and there aren’t any Palm trees growing around here… but thinking of them reminds me of eternal summer.

I love the fronds the look shape and colors… The variety of Palms are endless and they always give you a feeling of Vacation or relaxation.
In South Carolina many palm trees grow in the state but along the coastline. Since I live in the western part of the state ( in Piedmont area) I only see them when they’ve been planted and these don’t seem to do too well. They get a bit frosted and look like a transplant that never really adjusts to its new surroundings.

I grew up in California where the various palm trees grow in people yards and in back lots long forgotten. I miss them at times but I do like the Pine trees and I guess its a pretty good trade. Pine trees have a scent at least. These last few days have been hectic and yet I have put my daily painting up everyday…sometimes as late as midnight, but I’ve put them up all the same and I hope you understand if some of theses paintings may be less than detailed. I have been painting a daily painting since last August and many of the paintings do not represent my BEST work but they show that I have painted each day. This was the commitment and I’m trying to fulfill that commitment.
If you stop by you can at least see what I have completed.

This ACEO is slightly abstracted, its a mix of realism and various shapes. I like this combination, not quite abstract, not 100%realistic…. but a mixture of the two.

The Cicadas are out tonight in full force and there is a gentle rain falling. The rain doesn’t seem to stop their call or song which ever it is. The sound migrates thru the air growing ever louder as one starts and the others chime in till they reach a crescendo of sound…then the sound dies down, slowly dwindling to almost quiet, till another one starts and the whole thing starts up again. Its a nightly ritual here in July and August. One day I hope you may visit the south and hear their song for yourself. Its truly unique.


2 thoughts on “Eternal Summer ACEO

  1. Beautiful I have a photo of palms in mist you must see. It was taken in Iraq the year of the last US invasion. My nephew sent it. I have often wondered what to do with it though it stands alone as a piece of art.

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