Pine cone ACEO by Shanti Marie

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$13.00 2.00 S & H.
painted on back and signed. Letter of authenticity supplied.

I have had several of these ACEOs painted and have not acutally had the energy or the time to post them. Here is the first one.
There are Pine cones covering the ground everywhere…when I walk thru the woods. Its beautiful and they have a very special quality. Almost like a perfect package.

Big Koi in H20

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here is are some photos of Koi. I have books and tons on photographs of Koi. They are all very different looking. Of course because they are different types of fish but also their different environments. I love them in natural settings but the blue color of the baby pools makes them really stand out.
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If you really look at Koi and watch them for any length of time…you will see the way they typically swim together, many times they are touching.
One over the other or along side of each other.

Here are two photographs I plan to use as reference for a Koi painting.. check back to see what I come up with.

Pink Magnolia by Shanti Marie

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I like flowers and I have painted tons of florals, nowadays I always try to paint them just a bit differently and not make them too boring. I have always liked green with purple, and I love pink and green ( split compliment) so I figured these colors would look great together.

This 11″ by 15″ is for sale 250.00 USA Its fits in a 16 by 20 mat and frame beautifully and would make a great addition to your living or working space.

Tropical Koi – A painting a day sold

tropical Koi

I decided to call this Koi painting “Tropical Koi” because of its coloring. The orange seems to look like tangerines and the blue reminds me of the color of the water in the Caribbean.

I try to provide Koi paintings for my collectors at reasonable prices. These single Koi are an inexpensive way to get started on collecting these beauties.   I will paint a single koi for the next few days.   Each will be different and available for purchase.   check back soon ! 

Koi in Sepia

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This is 6″ by 9″ is for sale for 50.00 Plus 5.50 S&H.

I had to get up this morning at 3:30 to get my painting finished so I decided to do a tonal piece. This Koi is painted just in the color, Sepia. I like it, it has that certain look of black and white photos and old Japanese Koi paintings in Ink.

“Island Koi” watercolor 6 by 6 on ampersand

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I went out of town yesterday but I painted a few paintings ahead and I also have some others I have stored for emergencies… This way I could keep up with my commitment of posting one each day.

I bought four 6″ by 6″ pieces of ampersand, I thought it would be cool to make a painting where they all fit together like a puzzle. Problem is… I didn’t think of this until I had already painted two of the tiles. Now, I have to buy some more blank pieces of ampersand to paint, these can fit next to the other two.
I’ll post them all together so you can see what I mean.

I like the way I ribbon painted the water… it reminds me of the water in the pool when you see light reflecting back in broken lines.

A day in my studio … The Koi Tiles

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This is a photo of my painting table with several small 6 by 6 pieces. I have three tables set up in a U shape and usually have stuff going on all three, reference, music, sketch books, other ACEOs half finished..
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There are always dogs laying about under my tables… here is little yellow dog who is a clown he placed a toy rabbit on Sam my older dog and Sam being such a easy going Labrador leaves it there.
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Here is another shot of my painting tablePhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Since I took photos of my two labs I figured I should at least show you a picture of Missy, so I went down stairs and found her in the garden. They have a little door they can go out and play.
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This is a photo of the two pieces together.
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Finally here is a photo of the cove the dogs and I romp around. Yesterday the water was so low, the dogs were covered in mud!

Eternal Summer ACEO

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This ACEO is available for $13.00 plus 1.5 for S & H, please let me know if your interested.

It’s hot here in the south and there aren’t any Palm trees growing around here… but thinking of them reminds me of eternal summer.

I love the fronds the look shape and colors… The variety of Palms are endless and they always give you a feeling of Vacation or relaxation.
In South Carolina many palm trees grow in the state but along the coastline. Since I live in the western part of the state ( in Piedmont area) I only see them when they’ve been planted and these don’t seem to do too well. They get a bit frosted and look like a transplant that never really adjusts to its new surroundings.

I grew up in California where the various palm trees grow in people yards and in back lots long forgotten. I miss them at times but I do like the Pine trees and I guess its a pretty good trade. Pine trees have a scent at least. These last few days have been hectic and yet I have put my daily painting up everyday…sometimes as late as midnight, but I’ve put them up all the same and I hope you understand if some of theses paintings may be less than detailed. I have been painting a daily painting since last August and many of the paintings do not represent my BEST work but they show that I have painted each day. This was the commitment and I’m trying to fulfill that commitment.
If you stop by you can at least see what I have completed.

This ACEO is slightly abstracted, its a mix of realism and various shapes. I like this combination, not quite abstract, not 100%realistic…. but a mixture of the two.

The Cicadas are out tonight in full force and there is a gentle rain falling. The rain doesn’t seem to stop their call or song which ever it is. The sound migrates thru the air growing ever louder as one starts and the others chime in till they reach a crescendo of sound…then the sound dies down, slowly dwindling to almost quiet, till another one starts and the whole thing starts up again. Its a nightly ritual here in July and August. One day I hope you may visit the south and hear their song for yourself. Its truly unique.

Boyd’s Sunflowers ACEO

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$13.00 Plus S&H 1.00 USA. Watercolor on Archival Mat board. SOLD
I painted four different paintings today ” Plien Aire”. It was a wonderful experience. The Sun, The Birds, The Bees, and Frogs were all out in full force. Frogs? Yes Frogs, there was a pond on one side of the field and the frogs kept croaking all day, at first I thought it was a bird or an animal but then I figured it out. They make a pretty loud noise for such a small creature. I didn’t draw any of the paintings I did today, just started right in painting. I used lemon yellow, naples yellow, sap green, burn’t sienna, raw sienna and cyan blue. This looks a bit washed out, thats because in the intense sun you have to remember to paint darker… I took 86 photos so I’ll make sure to put some of them up so you can get a feel for the place, it was sensory overload.

I may go back next week. It made me think of my childhood all the open space, living on a farm with crops everywhere and workers and all that flat land. I used to ride my bike up and back on the dirt roads and just sing out loud while I rode knowing no one could hear me.

Take a look at all that Pollen… there were bees everywhere.
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Here were the guys picking melons in a nearby field. If you look closely you might be able to see that they are throwing them to each other and one guy piles them up on a burm for a truck to pick up.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Here was a perfect melon.

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