“Cherries” ACEO and on the back..Dragon Fly

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the back is signed and dated, The Dragon Fly is on the back.
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This is an ACEO (Artist collectors Edition or Original) it is an original and is on 300 lb paper painted in artist grade watercolor. $13.00 + S&H.

I have been painting these small cards for several reasons, but one is the fact that I am preparing to start another series. The cards don’t take as long to paint, I sell many of them regularly and there is a great interest in ATC or ACEOs. Also… it satisfies my commitment of a painting a day while allowing me to do larger works of art or to study and plan for my next series.

Planning Ahead….
I have been pretty busy lately, trying to get several major projects started. Teaching, hosting drawing sessions, hanging shows and advising some students. Now, I need to think about my plans for larger work
(which is what I consider my “real” work) this also takes a lot of time. I usually do a lot of reference work for my series paintings and this usually take awhile. Sometimes I find that after I do all the reading and searching for reference locations and looking thru dozens of books and really anything visual, I don’t do the series after all. Not everything will become a series. I find that there has to be some sort of connection and a very strong internal draw that leads me to the subject. Then after I do the research I still have to have a need or desire to put it on paper. Sometimes after all the research, I am done with it and don’t feel the need to paint it or to express my feelings about the subject. Its a little intuitive and I follow those feelings about subject matter. I’m still painting some Koi and I continue to work on my ancient ritual series. Another funny thing about a series is you will think your done with it, and one day you will just paint another painting for the series. These things cannot be explained except to say your heart says one thing, while your super planning brain usually says another. These two series have been my projects for almost a year. Now, its just about time to look for a new series and I ‘ve been spending time in book stores, libraries, of course the Internet. I also journal, spend time sketching, photographing and collecting reference everywhere I go. All of this is time consuming and is part of the equation. I sometimes think this is the homework part, but fun homework.
This is how an artist works and most don’t randomly choose things to paint on a whim. If l find that the subject has enough strength to be a series and I have the desire to delve into the subject matter, then it may be the start of my new series. Only time will tell if it comes to fruition. I have actually set aside ideas because I didn’t feel I was ready to paint the subject and sometimes those ideas will be on hold for a long time. I have also started a series and found I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say, these are also put back on the shelf. So you see this Art thing isn’t as simple as painting some pretty pictures, its very complicated.

Anyway, for those of you who follow my blog I have had over 35,000 visits to this blog since I started it last August. My other blogs also attract many visitors, even thought they have much the same material. I have painted over 300 daily paintings and have also painted at least 22 larger pieces, I’m not sure where this will go at the end of my one year commitment. I was always a prolicfic painter so I may continue, just not paint one every day. I may do a painting on week days only or perhaps less. We’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions or comments drop me an email or leave it here on my PAD blog.

I have some new work on my other painting blog “a painting a week blog” http://h20color.wordpress.com if interested check it out. I usually post my larger work there every Sunday.


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