Abstract Collage in Red

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Size is 11 by 11 inches Price is $99.00
This is actually more beautiful in person, the painting has more depth and more intense color that does not photograph well.

All the paper was painted in watercolor and is archival.

How to make a watercolor collage….
To make a collage like this, you must first purchase artist grade tissue paper. This can be found in most art stores and some craft stores. It looks like regular wrapping tissue paper but is archival. The regular tissue paper may yellow over time and is not recommended.

Since the paper is basically white…you use watercolor to paint ( I guess you can also use acrylic if you want)the paper in all kinds of colors and patterns. Get texture by splattering or dripping paint onto the tissue paper. Play with the paper and the paint and you will find infinite ways to make it look interesting. You can also make mono prints with the paper or what some collage artists call a pull off. If you look at my collage, the black sections of this collage were pull offs. After you make the paper ( its best to let the paper dry on old grocery store plastic bags or tall plastic kitchen trash bags ) and allow it to dry you have to carefully pull it off the bags and you take inventory of the paper’s unique qualities. You then take the painted tissue paper and cut it up or tear it, gluing it to archival mat board
(or watercolor paper / print makers paper)with artist grade gel medium. I use 1/3 water to 2/3 gel medium and put it in a squeeze bottle for ease. Some folks use decoupage but The gel medium is easy to use and is artist quality and will never yellow. You use a roller or a bray-er to make it lay flat. You can then glaze color over it as I did with watercolor and put on successive layers or just leave it alone. It can be spayed with fixative or covered with glass. I like the square format because you can hang it any which way you like. Also you can add other media like pastels, pencil, pen and ink… really its endless this also had an acrylic transfer but you can’t really tell. I put several layers over it so it sort of hidden.


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