Carolina Tree Tops An ACEO only $10.00

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Can you believe it? There was a speck of dust on the scanner when I scanned this painting. I’m sorry, I’ll try to take another picture of it soon.
I painted this little guy yesterday, in fact I painted about five of them. I’m working on several paintings and a collage right now which I’ll post when I get it finished. Of course, I have one large painting I’m also working on. Since I wanted to make sure I’d have some paintings to post, I painted some ACEOs for my daily painting site. I’ll put one up each day so you can see what I’m up too. I am working on some abstract paintings too, on gessoed paper, I love the texture!

In case your wondering…My larger work is on another blog and its more like a painting a week, ( if I’m lucky) you can see those pieces at: if your interested. I don’t like to rush my really Big paintings. I really think and think and think about those paintings.

I work and rework the bigger ones because I usually put several in a few big competitions each year. These smaller works are sold on line in my ebay store or at DP ‘s website   which is….. take a look around if you have a minute.

If you haven’t seen an ACEO go to ebay and put in the letters   ACEO    and see the avalanche of paintings that are offered. Some are prints but many are originals.  They can be fun to collect! Also there is a whole cottage industry that has sprung up with all the supplies to make the ACEOs. They even sell frames, books, sleeves, & albums. Collectors love to buy stuff. Makes ya think.. Hmmmn


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