My Box of Tricks Mixed Media Piece

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This is a mixed media piece …watercolor, ink, and acrylic on hot press 140 lb paper. 11 by 15 not a daily but I painted it in one day. From about 4 pm, till about 10:30…
I might take another picture because it is after ten PM and I usually take the photos outside when its daylight, This seems a tad dark.
The reason for the name is a simple one, I was teaching watercolor texture techniques today and this was the start from that class. It has almost all the techniques I use to create texture.

When I teach, I have a old candy box with all kinds of stuff tucked away inside. Atomizer, drafting tape, splatter screen, dots, carpet tape and much much more. I use these things to create texture in watercolor. So This wasn’t actually a planned piece but in some strange way.. It seemed to want to be finished. I wasn’t going to actually make this into a painting but when I got home I knew I could save it or at least try… so here it is.
Maybe I’ll take a photo of my box of tricks so you can see that too.

I may continue to tweak this a bit. It still has some potential for greatness. Ha!


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