A little water a lot of mud and one waterfall


I spent most of today helping my brother build this waterfall. I learned a lot and had a great time. I also hire a helper to carry the rocks and dig the holes for all the plants and trees and what I learned is that building a waterfall is just like building a painting. There has to be balance, line, shape, form, color, contrast, everything you would have in a good painting.

The reason I know this is that my brother and I both have this ability to see whats right or wrong with paintings or other such creative things and make adjustments, we both take this for granted. Our helper could not figure out how to get these rocks to work. He kept placing one rock on top of another not really seeing the BIG picture,and of course it just looked like a pile of rocks. Needless to say I had to send him off to carry rocks and dig holes cause everything he touched turned out looking like he just unloaded a wheelbarrow full of rocks. Now, I think it looks pretty good. We had to find most of the rocks so I would say its real good for not actually being able to pick out rocks that were needed.


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