Dream Stream a painting a day

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketDream Stream was named by my husband because I could not think of anything, which is a common problem for me. The size is 7 by 11 watercolor on paper $40.00 Shantmarie@aol.com if interested. The stream was originally a path or so I thought that’s what it would be before I painted it. Along comes my color blind husband who thought it was a stream and so I painted it blue and now it is. It worked because I love yellow and blue together, the colors really sing!


2 thoughts on “Dream Stream a painting a day

  1. Well, your husband’s idea was a good one and you created a lovely painting from this. I like the blue and yellow and the textured bits you’ve got in the foliage/ground.

  2. this is magical…i look at it and i dont see stream..its like a path goin to heaven,,,its very pretty,,thank you for inspiring me every now and then…youre just amazing,,

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