Sunny days, cool nights

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I was planning to teach a technique for painting rocks so I started this painting with that in mind. The rocks came out so good, that I decided to go with it and make it into a daily painting. I love this cobalt blue sky.


2 thoughts on “Sunny days, cool nights

  1. Dear Shanti,

    I was looking for some info on white koi, as I just saw the only pure white I’d ever seen at a pet store here. I was so taken with its beauty. So, I stumbled upon your website, and it has been a wonderful experience. You are truly gifted by your creator.

    The one I love the most, this one, has evidentaly been sold, as best I can understand your format. But, the second landscape I loved (I am passionate about snow and the feeling the shadows give me), appears to be for sale, so I will try to figure out how to make a purchase. It is “Farm Road.”

    First, just wanted to thank you for how you’ve touched my life today. Your paintings are breathtaking! I love everything I see growing or living outdoors. I’m a photography addict, and I also have always loved the way light plays on everything I see. Sometimes I will take photos in my backyard of plants, flowers, koi and pond, just to go out an hour later and capture the new lights and shadows on the same objects.

    Nice to find your site. Sandy

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