Sunset over the Carolinas

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11 by 15 100.00 watercolor on paper
Here is how you paint this painting.
1. You paint the orange yellow color starting from the top all the way down the page going back and forth with your paint brush. Starting the stroke off from the side of the paper to the other side without stopping. This way you will not get brush marks. Then blot any paint that may be on your tape, you do not want this color to seep back onto you paper.

Now take a clean bush which you have squeeze all the water out of with a paper towel and pull out some high lights for the water this should be below the area you have chosen for your horizon line… Then also pull out a sun shape on the upper 2/3s of the paper. Let dry
Now mix up some dark paint or use Payne’s gray and paint in a horizon line by painting some shapes straight across paint them by pulling these shapes up from the horizon line. If you want, you can draw the line in with a ruler because it has to be perfectly straight. I think my picture is a little crooked but it really is straight. Then paint the same shapes below the line to match the shapes above. If your paper is no longer wet you will need to soften the edges. Take a damp brush and soften any edges of these shapes .( definition of damp brush :A damp brush is one that has been dipped into water to clean it and then using a paper towel, pull out all the water in the brush)

Now paint the clouds with the Payne’s grey color or whatever dark you have chosen. As you paint in this color you will need to soften the edges with a damp brush and also take this clean damp brush and pull out some white clouds under the darker clouds. You will need to (each time)clean off your brush by pulling the color off of it onto a paper towel so you don’t deposit color where you just picked it up.

Now paint in the lower trees using a very dark Payne’s grey leaving some peek holes so the water will show thru. You will soften these trees edges as you did the other things and also put some of the yellow orange color into some of the Payne’s grey color in the center area so that the trees in the center are lighter . Let the trees on the edges be darker.

That’s pretty much it… You have to do this painting project quickly to avoid overworking it.

If you try this and have any questions just email me and I will be happy to help you with it.


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