North Carolina Hummer A humming bird painting

Today someone brought me a baby humming bird and of course I painted it. It had gotten into the house and actually hit her on the head…

I am working on my Koi Painting a BIG one and on my Jay painting which I will post an update on my painting a week blog. I’m having a terrible time typing on this computer, Sorry for the typos, I’m bad enough cause I can’t type worth a darn and I’m always in such a rush… This key board is very flat and you have to almost push the keys straight down and with a lot more weight then on my desktop.

It was warm today about 83 degrees (F) and I really wasn’t used to it….  I took a walk in the wilderness and really enjoyed the sun.  I even found a dog, a doberman named “Cherokee ” she is the gardener’s dog .  He had her on a chain tied to a tree, while he was I decided to take her with me on my walk.   I am at Wild Arces this week in case your wondering what I’m talking about…  They have a router here for the computers, but all the writers are using all the bandwith  so I have to wait till about midnight every night to up load my photos of my paintings.


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