“Shadow Image ” Watercolor ACEO

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Sometimes when I’m not sure what to paint next I will pull out some
pre-cut ACEO size watercolor paper and I’ll paint several at one time until an image strikes me. These small cards allow me to work out the shapes and other art elements I might like to use. For Larger works they give you a good foundation for placement of objects. Since they are so small you can’t put too many things into them. Thus teaching you the importance of placement. It helps you think in terms of big shapes rather than cluttering up your painting with unnecessary things. I like this little card, the colors and the values are soothing. It is for sale for $10.00 / size is 2.5 by 3.5

Ancient Ritual 09 12 by 14 $99.00

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I painted this abstract on Gessoed paper to get a bit more texture. I love the colors and the feel of Gesso and think its a good fit with Watercolor.

This piece can be framed under glass or as it. If you would like to buy it, tell me how you plan to frame it and I will prepare the surface accordingly
The size is 12 by 14 .  Price is $99.00
This is one painting in the Ancient Ritual Series where I am exploring the idea of the passage of time and the way humans have a need to commemorate events thru rituals.

If you are interested in the “Hows” of painting watercolor on Gesso, please email me shantmarie@aol.com and I can answer any questions you may have.

Ancient Ritual 08… ACEO/ Artist Collector’s Card

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Ancient Ritual 08 is the 8th painting I have completed in this series.
I have been working on my Jay painting too and it’s taking a bit of time because I have so much to figure out. I couldn’t decide if both sides of his face should be completed in detail or to blurr one side. Right now I’m painting both sides in detail and I instantly saw that it is starting to look pasted on to the background, a common problem when everything is hard edge. I’ll have to resolve that. Anyway if you like this little card you can go to http://www.dailypainters.com and pay $10.00 for it.

Don’t forget to vote for my Koi painting in the Saatchi Gallery…. I need lots of votes… You have to copy and paste this into your browser, I couldn’t get it to be a link.

 Thank You

“Morning Wash” Watercolor ACEO

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I’ve been painting a lot of figures lately so I thought I would include a figure in my next ACEO… Here it is… $10.00 + shipping… worldwide.

I was tagged yesterday by fellow artist painter Ronda Carpenter, so now I must tag seven other folks in the blogesphere and I have chosen:

I don’t know who started this tagging thing but I figure I’ll do it this time, I know people hate chain letters and such but perhaps this may generate some interest in the art blogs. Besides picking seven blogs I also have to tell seven things about myself. Some of the things should be a secret. Hmmmnnn

1. I’m 52 and also five foot two,
2. I like email but hate phones
3. I don’t like crowds or loud noises
4. I payed flute in college and was a Music Major for three years.
5. I have three daughters .
6. I’ll remember a face but cannot remember anyones name.
7 I payed banjo in an old time band while in college.

Here are my seven…

1.Nancy Eckels…. http://nancyeckels.blogspot.com/
I like her abstract paintings and find them interesting. She is a daily painter and one of the few abstract expressionist on

2. Edward B Gordon …http://www.edwardbgordon.blogspot.com/ is my next choice. I love his work because even thought it is realistic, it has an abstract quality to it. Lovely color combinations and a real feel for putting figures in paintings. I can almost see what the people are thinking by his use of body language and expression or lack there of.

3. Nanch Poucher …http://poucherpastels.blogspot.com/ I love her landscapes and seascapes! The colors are vibrant without being raw and you can almost feel the softness of the pastels… they are so rich in texture.

4. Toni Grote …http://www.artisttonigrote.blogspot.com/
Toni’s paintings are wonderfully filled with fun! The shapes and forms she chooses to fill her landscapes with are so perfect and her compositions are great.

5. Nicole Wong …http://thesundaypainter.blogspot.com/ I ‘m always amused by the subjects in Nicole’s work, her animals have attitude and her ladies are always fair and intriguing. Great ACEOs!

6. Cecilia Price http://artmaker-cecilia-price.blogspot.com/
Cia as folks call her is the founder of serious watercolor and is very active in the watercolor world. She paints wonderful Iris and other florals and her use of color is interesting and unique.

7. Andrew Taylor …http://paint-gallery.blogspot.com/ I love his plein Aire paintings and simply adore his stain glass windows. I hope to see them in person one day.

Vote for me….

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI have submitted one of my paintings of Koi to the Saachi Gallery showdown. If you would like to see my work and vote for me, I would really love it! http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/showdown/index.php?showpic=24648

ACEO’s from my Class

These are some of the ACEOs made today in class. I think they are all wonderful, and love the fact that they can be so different.
If you’re interested in purchasing one these little gems, drop me an email at shantmarie@aol.com and I’ll contact the artist for you.

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Jack’s ACEO

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Roselynn’s ACEO

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Tobi’s ACEO

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Wendy’s ACEO

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Elena’s ACEO

Sunflower surprise a watercolor ACEO

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This little ACEO is 2.5 by 3.5 and is for sale for 10.00.
I painted this in the wet into wet style. First you wet the entire piece of paper with H20 and while damp you paint the background leaving room for the three yellow flowers. Then you pick up thick yellow paint and very little water and start to paint he petals of the flowers. As the blue starts to pull forward into the yellow,you pull it back out. You add the center color by charging the yellow with brown orange and a bit of red. The paper is starting to dry and so things are staying put a bit more and you go back over any areas you feel need more definition but remember you don’t want all hard edges so you pick and choose what to leave as is. Where the blue took over some of the yellow it will be green and that OK.

Try it you’ll enjoy the feel of the painting moving about on its own and watching th colors mingle.

Wandering Watercolor $250.00 15 by 22

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This is the third time I have painted this piece. None of them are the same. I can’t tell you if its the last. I like it a lot, the colors, the tree and even the little cabin sitting in the back. all of it somehow speaks to me.

Lost my Marbles

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I guess I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut so I painted some fun stuff, yesterday the Mouse and now the Marbles.
To tell the truth I haven’t been feeling well. You know how it is…I hate to go to the Dr. so I’ve been just ignoring it. Don’t you do that sometimes?

either it was really hot today or I think I had a fever. To make things even worse, I’m tired and really can’t seem to get any rest. I sleep all night and wake up tired. Of course your life doesn’t stop just so you can lay around… So I trudge thru my tasks… moaning and being a real baby…
I am tryng to get my brother packed and ready to go to Peru, thats tomoroow first thing and also I’m trying to find a new model for this weekends class. I guess I just need a break.

Never know…maybe tomorrow, I’ll wake up and be well again.
This painting is 14 by 9 inches and could be cropped to a square composition. I thought about putting a Jack in the upper left hand corner but decided to leave it as it is.


A Mouse in Da House

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This is a small 3″ by 5″ painting and it is for sale for 10.00. I like mice and I know people hate them, but I think they are adorable, I guess I just like animals and small creatures … Its beautiful here in South Carolina, the weather is about 75- 80 F and the lake is beautiful with big white clouds floating by… It makes it difficult to be too serious.

Under The Influence An Abstract Landscape

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The price is $250.00. The size of the Art is 11 by 15, which is in a neutral mat to fit a 16 by 20 frame. Shipping is Free.

I painted several paintings today, but since I was working on three I didn’t finish them all. I will post one tomorrow and hopefully finish the third for Tuesday.  The title was a suggestion, not my condition.