The Oak and The Willow

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Trees have always fascinated me, the different kinds, their bark, leaves and of course the way they seem to be so still but yet in constant movement.

Yesterday I was in my backyard and a small bird fell from a tree and it couldn’t fly very well. Before I could intervene, one of my dogs got it and of course must of bit it too hard because it died. I felt bad all day after that. I have these feeders and all kinds of things to attract the birds and to have one of my dogs kill one of their babies really bothered me.
It was a small brown bird and I saw the mother nearby calling to it, it seemed like she had another baby with her and they must have been on their first day of flying lessons. The other baby bird was pretty wobbly too. They are Thrashers, they live in the big Azaleas I have in my yard and seem to raise babies ever year in a big gourd I have placed in among the bushes. Last year they lost a baby to a big black snake which climbed into the gourd. I put out some seeds on the ground this morning, hoping this will help them a little, it rained last night and I wonder what happened to the other little bird, did it make it? I have hope that it did and next year the’ll be back. This painting is 8.75 by 11 and is on 300 lb paper. I called it the Oak and the willow because these are two of my favorite trees.


4 thoughts on “The Oak and The Willow

  1. Shanti — I have to tell you that this tree is superbly beautiful!!! I LOVE TREES .. but have a long, long way to go to have that love transferred to watercolor … gorgeous work!

  2. Your love of trees is evident. I was drawn to this illustration because of the warmth in the midst of the cold. Wonderful dimension in that large tree in the play of light, shadow, warm and cool. From another post of yours about the use of color which is your love, and greyed down color to paint for your market. I have had similar discussions with myself. I am naive by description, and always will be childlike in my paintings. Most adults wont understand that, and I am hesitant to paint for them as gifts, but I do want to. Often, this freezes me up. I find as I am healing psychologically, my painting is changing for the better too. From your writing, I know you understand that.

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