“Rocks” Watercolor on paper – 7 by 11 inches

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI have been working out lesson plans and I had decided to paint something that would teach several things. I love rocks, I love water, gee, that decision was easy. This is a simple painting yet it allows me to teach some of the various techniques I have learned over the years. I can teach a student several techniques and some color theory at the same time. Also, rocks can be drawn by anyone, their easy and basically boxes, so most people are not afraid to jump right in.

I love these colors, their some of my favorite combinations. Raw sienna and manganese blue also dark purple and burn’t sienna. You can see I ‘m mixing warm with cool and creating some push pull. Also most of these colors also create a beautiful granulation which happens to be one of my favorite textures.


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