H20 Fun! a painting a day

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I really poured the water on this paper and ended up with something that resembles blotter paper. Now remember blotter paper is absorbent so the pigment would sink down into the fibers and spread out so things were not going my way. I made a batch of sizing from starch and painted several layers onto the front and back of the painting. Because the pigment was into the weave of the paper none came off. The I proceeded to paint in the weeds with Acrylic and watercolor combinations. I like the result and will usually try to save a painting. My style of painting uses a lot of water but this paper was not as absorbent as what I usually use and it really wasn’t sized well. So sometimes this happens, and you’ll find the watercolor isn’t sitting on top of the paper but sinking in. This doesn’t look good and is difficult to control. I used starch to bring the sizing back, it will never be as good as new paper but it does help.


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