Spring Melody a painting a day

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The size is 7.5 by 11 and it is for sale for 40.00
I have been very busy as usual but couldn’t resist the urge to paint this little bird. It seems that Spring has arrived here in the South and the Birds are all singing their praises.

Artist tip: This painting was painted in three stages. First wash goes on…paint light yellow over everything. Then before that has dried, Paint wet into wet some of the greens leaves and lean these towards the blue side of the color wheel. This will give a diffused background appearance. Next comes the limb and some more leaves with some of the same brown mixed with a brighter and in some areas a slightly darker and more yellow green. After that has dried Use a BIG brush to swap in several big leaf like shapes but don’t put in any detail. This should frame in the bird. Last the little fellow, use all the same colors you have used so far except don’t use the greens. To make up some dark ( looks black) for the head mix the burn’t sienna and the dark green. If not dark enough try the blue green not the yellow green in the mix. If you want to mix in some orange, on the limb you can put a glaze over some of it to brighten the limb. A Glaze must go over completely dry paint for it to glow.

Buy this painting on PayPal
Price: $40 plus $5.5 s/h
Or, send me an email

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