Coy Koi a painting a day

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This is a half sheet watercolor or 15 by 22 it sells for $250.00
I had a difficult time trying to figure out which direction it should be displayed. I liked it in the landscape format just as much as in this format. Then, I thought, since I have so-many in the landscape format, I would display it in this format. Of course If you buy it, you can hang it upside down if you like. These Koi are painted in a bit of a different way then I have been painting them, I wanted to try this style to see how it would work for my larger painting which I am painting. If interested, it is on dispaly on my other blog Its a work in progress.

Artist Tip… Usually I don’t put too much interesting stuff on the edges as it can distract the viewer but sometimes you have to break the rules. If it works your lucky, if not, at least you know the rules…


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