Treefrog a painting a day

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Looking thru my sketchbook I found a little line drawing I had done a while back of a tree frog, I decided to make it into a painting.
I painted the small ACEO (artist trading card)at the bottom of this photo first. After finishing it, (they don’t take too long) I decided to paint it larger. Then,I thought I would put both paintings up so you can see the difference in size. The larger painting isn’t finished yet. The larger painting is 11 by 15 inches. The ACEO is 2.5 by 3.5 inches.

The ACEO( in case you can’t see it too well)is of a tree frog too but it has a reddish background, I’ll post it by itself in a bit so you can have a close up of the smaller one.
The ACEO is for sale for 10.00


One thought on “Treefrog a painting a day

  1. Do originals printed at the ACEO size (inkjet printer) count as ACEOs? I have made some small cards of sevral originals for my family to include in my letters to them. I am also going to use them as address card for my friends abroad. What is the concensus on that matter? I will appreciate your comments.

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