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I started out this painting by using resist or mask-it to mask out the flower and the leaves. Then I took various dark paints such as…Ultramarine blue, Varidian green, Alizarian Crimson red, and a deep purple. I made up pretty good size puddles of each but kept them very juicy and separated. The paint must not be sticky and not too watery or light in color but very deep and dark. The I went about painting the background like you would mop a floor. Starting from one corner and swabbing the paint across but not allowing it to dry out before picking up with your brush a new color and allowing it to mix with the last color. You should end up with a beautiful dark background that is very interesting in color and value. The green, red and blue can be mixed on the palette if you want a dark black like color.

This actually looks darker on the computer then it really does in person. Its more of an indigo with red and green undertones.


2 thoughts on “Sunflower

  1. Really like how it is easy for the eyes to enter the frame here, to move about easily, to take it all in, to study the colors and details, … to simply enjoy the piece.
    You really do some great work!!

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