Bujou….. Means surfacing in Japenese

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I’ve been so busy today that I barely had time to paint this painting. It might still be wet, anyway, I’ll shower, go to dinner maybe when I get back I’ll come up with something for a name. My on-line word smith, Shawn might come thru for me, he named the last koi painting and I hope he can do it again! Later…
He did folks… Here is the name “Bujou” which means surfacing in Japanese.

Name or no name this beautiful Koi painting can be yours for $250.00 its 11 by 15 and is not framed.

The background has my fingerprints and knuckle prints in it, if you look closely you may see them in the lower right hand corner… this is how I created the wonderful texture in that area.


3 thoughts on “Bujou….. Means surfacing in Japenese

  1. Shanti, I know this is a smaller painting than the full sized koi you did yesterday but I really think this is a winning painting – there is an unusual aspect of the painting with the one koi coming to the surface that you don’t see – it’s simple yet beautiful. Just MHO, of course.

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