Calmness a landscape painting a day by Shanti Marie

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In looking back over the last several paintings I can see that I’m painting from a different place. I don’t mean a physical place but a mindset. I’m distilling scenes and not literally painting them. As a daily painter with more than 200 dailies painted so far, I can see trends and attitudes reflect back to me from my work. Its interesting to see the subtle changes taking place. Every once in a while, I do a commission and then it seems like its all technique. These little daily paintings allow me the freedom to paint anything, really anything can be worthy of being the focus for the day. This freedom to paint anything also allow you to explore various things you may not in larger works. You are more adventurous and less predictable. Its as if we have been trained(even as artists) to do what you know works. With the dailies its a bit different, you don’t really loose anything, the supplies are minimal, the time only an hour or two, so you might explore the way light recedes thru the woods or you may try to push texture, hue or chroma. You may push it too far and figure out whats too much, all the same your work doesn’t suffer because its just a wee little painting and there is someone out there who will love it. This need to explore and test is an important element into developing your style. You’ll know when it speaks to you, you’ll respond to it, & then, you’ll know this is also your voice. An artist’s journey isn’t much different from others, it just takes a few more twists and turns, that’s all. “Calmness” is a small painting and will be for sale for $40.00. size is 10.5 by 5 inches.


2 thoughts on “Calmness a landscape painting a day by Shanti Marie

  1. Shanti,

    I really love all the work that you have recently been posting, truly amazing! I have just recently opened my web site The Invocable Muse, which is a poets & artists community. For artists there is a Word Press blog community where your work can be tagged for the nets search engines so that what gets posted will be seen. The section for poets and artists is separated so you need not worry about poetry to join the art sections. I just launched the site for a soft opening so everyone who joins now will be the first members. I would love to see you post your work sometime. Thank you very much for sharing, beautiful work!


    Shawn Nacona

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