California – A painting a day

CaliforninaThis isn’t a little daily painting but an 11 by 15 which can be framed in a 16 by 20 standard size frame. I will ship it to you anywhere with a mat for $200.00 email me at

I miss California at times and the variety of landscape you find. This little farm scene is very much still a part of California. Most people assume its all paved and glitz. It isn’t. This is an area near the sierra pacific mountains where the high desert meets the foothills. You can find these sleepy little farms and it’s very beautiful with the mountains so near.

Its Friday morning and I wake up at 5:30. am Still a little sleepy and not quite awake, I turn on the light to find Kitty paw prints leading down from my painting table to a chair and across the bigger work table, down onto the veneer floor and then trailing across the white tile floor to the cat food bowl. Some time during the night, the cat has stuck her foot into the indigo or Payne’s grey paint and decided to do a little painting herself. Then I go looking for the cat. Her whole foot, leg and shoulder is a deep blue, apparently she stuck her foot into the paint then decided to get something to eat, became thirsty so went into the bathroom to the toilet. She must have had a bad night cause It looks like she slipped in a bit because thee water was blue, the toilet seat was decorated with paw prints. It looked like she must have touched the water in the toilet to that thick paint on her paw. Of course it spread, and she must of tried to get some off, She had it on her face too. Poor thing, When I found her it was dried hard and was caked on her fur. I had to wash her, not a cat’s favorite thing and now she is a much calmer gentler blue but still one very blue cat.

I had just filled my paint tins yesterday and they were still juicy and moist ( I put a whole BIG tube in each)so it wouldn’t have taken much to make such a mess. Any way…. that’s how I started out this very cool day in February, hope yours wasn’t so crazy.

I rented the third season of the ” Sopranos”, I never saw it when it was on HBO so now I’m behind. I wanted to go to the movies today but never really got around to it. The dvds will have to do.


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