Next Generation, A painting a day

next generation
I was rummaging thru my flat files looking for a mat for a painting I sold and this little painting was tucked in under the mats. It had a terribly bad dark passage where the little pine tree is and I decided I would try to save it. I could of gone the mixed media route but liking a challenge, I decided to see what I could do with watercolor. I painted the little tree over the dark passage and made it the focal point, darkened up the front and the sides and tried to pull some light areas here and there. I think it works! If you like this painting just email me and it can be shipped to your home. Its 25.00

Quick lesson: The way to make the grass is very simple, you lay down a light color ( say gold orchre)on the paper where the grass is to be, then while the light color is wet you paint over it with an intense color,( dark brown say sepia) you let the intense color soak in but do not allow it to dry. When the dark color is almost dry, use the end of your paint brush or a pin knife or palette knife to pull out the grasses. You can get carried away with this, so catch yourself before you put grass everywhere, its kinda fun!


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