Early Snow ll – Not a painting a day

early snow ll
I painted this painting yesterday. I am working on some BIG paintings and I have several series in mind, one will be landscapes with Lake Wylie as one of the main focal area of interest, the other will be a water series, including some of my Koi but I’m going to investigate some other areas. I can’t say more now because I don’t want to over plan. I like to be open and allow my intuitive side to dictate where each painting is going. I start out with an idea, usually a color concept and that’s it. I’ll use photos sometimes but its usually for detail reference and not for a slavishly done replica of the photo. With watercolor its in the mediums nature to be independent and I find by allowing it the freedom to move and adjusting to whats happening on paper as I go along, gives the piece its own voice.
This piece is 22 by 30 and will not be for sale just yet, as I keep these larger paintings to show in a grouping. If you interested, I could let you know when it will be available. email me at shantmarie@aol.com.


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