Beach Fisherman -A painting a day

beach fishermanSOLD
This small 6 by 9 inch painting is painted on a page from a arches watercolor travel book.

Its for taking with you for plien aire, to capture watercolor sketches. I wanted to try it before I take it tomorrow to paint. Its our second meeting with a new art group. In fact, I am helping to start it up. Its called ” The Tega Cay fine arts association” We ‘re putting together a group of fine artists that would like to paint together once a week in the Lake Wylie area. There are only three of us founding members so far as we are getting the By-laws and such written up. Then we’ll send out press releases and invitations to other local artist. Its kinda exciting. We already got a local coffee shop to put up our paintings and reserve a wall for our group.

If your interested in this painting just email me, its $25.00.


One thought on “Beach Fisherman -A painting a day

  1. Shanti,

    I really love this painting as well, it seems like I am going to be stopping by your site to comment on your work quite a bit. Nice color, blending, and control of your medium. Watercolor can be a difficult medium that leaves little room for error, a challenge that I love when I paint with watercolor. You have done a great job, thank you for sharing with us!


    Shawn Nacona

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