Early Light – A Painting A day

early light

This little gem was painted yesterday on a new (for me) ground. It is called AMPERSAND or GESSOBORD. I thought I would try out a small piece ( 3 by 5) Compared to watercolor paper, Its almost too easy to paint on, I could get used to this. It wipes out completely back to white, it didn’t glaze so well ( tends to pick up the last layer of paint,) but it takes very wet washes as well as thick dry paint. The transparency of the paint is actually helped by the super whiteness of the ground. Because it isn’t as absorbent as paper, the color stays wet and workable for a long time. I painted this little piece quickly and easily without any problems. I just painted it from my imagination started with the background. I painted the flowers negatively as I would do in watercolor. I’m sure it lends itself to mixed media and can be varnished or sprayed to fix the color.

If it isn’t too expensive I may buy some larger pieces of the stuff because you don’t have to use glass which would save some money and looks like watercolor without the framing costs. I wouldn’t need mats either which get expensive.

If you are familiar with this product let me know what to expect, I don’t want to make an investment in more art supplies only to find something isn’t working till I’ve already made the commitment.

The price on this little piece is $25.00 USD and can be shipped to you for an additional $3.00 ASAP.


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