Lake Mist – A painting a day

lake mist
I painted a painting the other day and I wanted to develop it a little more. This is the same spot on the lake but changed a few tings and painted it on larger paper. Living near the lake its hard not to be influenced by the daily barrage of visual stimulus. I stand and stare out at certain areas of the lake trying to build a memory of colors, lines, shapes and of course values. When I get home I usually paint them a bit bolder and brighter but that’s OK because that’s how memory works isn’t it. Also it’s part of my style. This is a 15 by 22 and is painted like all of my work on artist grade paper with only the best paint. If your interested in buying this painting please go to Without mat or frame it’s $200.00 If it doesn’t sell right away, it will be hung in a few weeks at a local coffee shop.

It snowed here today for the first time in a long time. Now I think a snow scene is in your future. Check back with me to see what I’ve painted.

I’m off to make some chili and have a cup of tea. Just be glad I don’t paint food!


One thought on “Lake Mist – A painting a day

  1. You have captured this scene beautifully. Very nice work! If you ever have anything that you would like me to stick on my blogspot let me know. I have a blog spot featuring art that I just started. So far I just have my own work up there because I just started it, but I can add a link to your site and of course I will list your name and info under the image as well. If not that is ok too, great work. Thank you for sharing!


    Shawn Nacona

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