Red Roses ….. a painting a day

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis is painted wet into wet. The background is painted first then allowed to dry. After it is dry, you paint the roses wet into wet. This means you paint one petal at a time and introduce very dry paint into the wet paint ( Say the dark red into the lighter red to form the interior of the rose,) then this is allowed to bleed. You pull out the lights and your done. Its mostly stoke work, another way would be to double load your brush and form the petals with the dark side forming the interior and the light side of the brush forming the edge. You can add leaves or whatever when everything has dried.

Calmness a landscape painting a day by Shanti Marie

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In looking back over the last several paintings I can see that I’m painting from a different place. I don’t mean a physical place but a mindset. I’m distilling scenes and not literally painting them. As a daily painter with more than 200 dailies painted so far, I can see trends and attitudes reflect back to me from my work. Its interesting to see the subtle changes taking place. Every once in a while, I do a commission and then it seems like its all technique. These little daily paintings allow me the freedom to paint anything, really anything can be worthy of being the focus for the day. This freedom to paint anything also allow you to explore various things you may not in larger works. You are more adventurous and less predictable. Its as if we have been trained(even as artists) to do what you know works. With the dailies its a bit different, you don’t really loose anything, the supplies are minimal, the time only an hour or two, so you might explore the way light recedes thru the woods or you may try to push texture, hue or chroma. You may push it too far and figure out whats too much, all the same your work doesn’t suffer because its just a wee little painting and there is someone out there who will love it. This need to explore and test is an important element into developing your style. You’ll know when it speaks to you, you’ll respond to it, & then, you’ll know this is also your voice. An artist’s journey isn’t much different from others, it just takes a few more twists and turns, that’s all. “Calmness” is a small painting and will be for sale for $40.00. size is 10.5 by 5 inches.

City Streets – a painting a day

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This painting is the other half of Evening news I painted earlier in the week. Some people like to paint with a lot of rules, not me. I have found I will do just about anything to save a painting. This may even mean I will use other types of medium ( OMG) . Or heaven forbid, using white… If something doesn’t work, like in this case, I’ll crop the painting, this is a bit easier for watercolorists then say oil painters but I believe most people would do it to save a piece. I always plan to paint a perfect masterpiece every-time, but it doesn’t always work out that way. I can see if something is working or not. I think its just as important to figure out what wrong with a painting and make it right as it is to do it right from the start.

So here is a little painting that I cut off of “Evening news”, by changing the dominance and by bringing in some calligraphy I think it works.

the size is a bit small at 4.5 by 3.5 so its only 20.00. what a steal!

Hiking, a landscape painting a day


This is a bit larger then the daily paintiings and is for sale for $250.00 This is half price so if your interested you need to email me soon, as this one will go fast. size=15 by 22 … 7.50 for shipping inside USA. All other countries will have to be calculated. I like the idea of a man and his dog walking along a dirt trail in the woods.

Pastel Fields – a painting a day

pastel fileds
After yesterday’s hard edge bright painting, I did a three sixty and painted this soft edged very light landscape.

There are so many different ways to paint something, I have found I have a very distint style and yet I still like to try on other types of painting styles and techniques for a change. My style actually is very bright with lots of darks for contrast. To paint this little 6 by 9 inch painting, in the wet in to wet style is about as far away from my personal style as I can go.

I hope you like it. I will put it on auction tomorrow. Starting bid at $20.00

Of course, you can buy it now by emailing me.

Wainting for Spring- A floral painting a day

The name of this painting says it all. I love the grays of winter, but like most artists, I love color. I have always loved spring. Of course since the colors of spring are always so bright or so they appear after the long winter months this painting reminds me of flower gardening and a early spring. Flower gardening has always been one of my hobbies and the last few years I haven’t gardened as much as I used too. So when I was trying to decide what to paint, I looked back at all the snow paintings and decided I would paint something a little more colorful.

I painted these from my imagination as I do so many of my paintings, so don’t ask what they are…. OK, if they must have a name…. their uh,,,

I know, I know, kinda lacking in the name department, but I have never been very good at naming things.

Evening News – A painting a day

Evening newsstand

Evening Newsstand

I painted this small watercolor today while in our new open studio group. An open studio is essentially a place where artists get together each working independently on their own projects . Our group is small right now only eight members, because we have only been taking on new members by invitation. We hope to build up the membership into a larger group as we see how things progress.

Open studios are a great way for artists to get together for fellowship and in some ways it can be a creative think tank. We bounce ideas off of one another and critique the work if asked. Its a non-competitive atmosphere where an artist can work with other artists while doing their own thing. Producing art is a solitary endeavor most of the time with artists working alone in their studios. An open studio gives you a chance to work side by side with other artists and to see how each person develops a piece of art work. Its great for all artists and I encourage you to attend an open studio if you have not done so. This piece is a bit smaller then most of my pieces and is for sale for $25.00 USD. Size is 4 by 5.75 inches.

Approaching storm – a painting a day

approaching stormI always find weather interesting. I love it when I am driving out from a sunny spot right into a storm. Its so cool how everything can change in a matter of miles or minutes. There it is right in front of you and as you drive into it, the colors around you change as well as the temperature. This is 6 by 9 inches

Soft Roses – a painting a day


This painting is done in the wet into wet style. It is very impressionistic and nothing like some of my other realistic roses. I like the way each rose is definitely there but every detail is not. Size is 11 by 14.

My daughter is arriving tonight from California and I always think of her when I see pink roses.

California – A painting a day

CaliforninaThis isn’t a little daily painting but an 11 by 15 which can be framed in a 16 by 20 standard size frame. I will ship it to you anywhere with a mat for $200.00 email me at

I miss California at times and the variety of landscape you find. This little farm scene is very much still a part of California. Most people assume its all paved and glitz. It isn’t. This is an area near the sierra pacific mountains where the high desert meets the foothills. You can find these sleepy little farms and it’s very beautiful with the mountains so near.

Its Friday morning and I wake up at 5:30. am Still a little sleepy and not quite awake, I turn on the light to find Kitty paw prints leading down from my painting table to a chair and across the bigger work table, down onto the veneer floor and then trailing across the white tile floor to the cat food bowl. Some time during the night, the cat has stuck her foot into the indigo or Payne’s grey paint and decided to do a little painting herself. Then I go looking for the cat. Her whole foot, leg and shoulder is a deep blue, apparently she stuck her foot into the paint then decided to get something to eat, became thirsty so went into the bathroom to the toilet. She must have had a bad night cause It looks like she slipped in a bit because thee water was blue, the toilet seat was decorated with paw prints. It looked like she must have touched the water in the toilet to that thick paint on her paw. Of course it spread, and she must of tried to get some off, She had it on her face too. Poor thing, When I found her it was dried hard and was caked on her fur. I had to wash her, not a cat’s favorite thing and now she is a much calmer gentler blue but still one very blue cat.

I had just filled my paint tins yesterday and they were still juicy and moist ( I put a whole BIG tube in each)so it wouldn’t have taken much to make such a mess. Any way…. that’s how I started out this very cool day in February, hope yours wasn’t so crazy.

I rented the third season of the ” Sopranos”, I never saw it when it was on HBO so now I’m behind. I wanted to go to the movies today but never really got around to it. The dvds will have to do.

Next Generation, A painting a day

next generation
I was rummaging thru my flat files looking for a mat for a painting I sold and this little painting was tucked in under the mats. It had a terribly bad dark passage where the little pine tree is and I decided I would try to save it. I could of gone the mixed media route but liking a challenge, I decided to see what I could do with watercolor. I painted the little tree over the dark passage and made it the focal point, darkened up the front and the sides and tried to pull some light areas here and there. I think it works! If you like this painting just email me and it can be shipped to your home. Its 25.00

Quick lesson: The way to make the grass is very simple, you lay down a light color ( say gold orchre)on the paper where the grass is to be, then while the light color is wet you paint over it with an intense color,( dark brown say sepia) you let the intense color soak in but do not allow it to dry. When the dark color is almost dry, use the end of your paint brush or a pin knife or palette knife to pull out the grasses. You can get carried away with this, so catch yourself before you put grass everywhere, its kinda fun!