Nishikigoi – A painting a day


I finished the BIG koi painting as I have begun to call it, it still needs a name which at the moment is alluding me, I guess I’ll have to go back in the archives and see what folks have suggested in the past. I have been given some great suggestions, it seem as there are many creative people out there when it comes to naming things. I’ve always had problems with naming the paintings. Sometimes its because I don’t want to lead the viewer but in the past, I ‘ve found paintings without names don’t do as well as those with names. People respond to the name as much as the image. I have even changed the names of paintings and found paintings sold after I found a better name. Who woulda thunk?

But as you see I’m no wordsmith and at times I wish I had someone who could step in and officially name them all. The names would magically fit the feel and I would be off the hook.

So this one is open for anyone to give me a name, I’ll take in account all suggestions and maybe your name will be selected. I’ll let you know when and what I choose.

Now for my next painting, you can see my new start for my next painting. I laid in the colors and some of the texture. My plan is to work with a male model and back light him to fit into the middle of this piece with the light coming from behind and around him. I won’t have the model till Saturday so this will have to be set aside till I can get the drawing in place to put him into the white area. I ‘ve pretty much decided to have him bare chested but in low rider jeans… we’ll see. Feed back is good so chime in here if you have any ideas.
IT”S BEEN NAMED! Thank you for all of your comments I decided to go with Nishikigoi , it is a japenese word for ornamental carp. Simple but direct.
Shawn Nacona named this painting, Shawn has a blog on wordpress, please check it out.

young boy  work in progress


2 thoughts on “Nishikigoi – A painting a day

  1. Shanti, I like this painting and think you pulled if off beautifully. The arcing shapes go well with the fish and the colors blend and meld easily with the 3 koi being the main characters. It’s not the least bit artistic but I keep thinking the title should be Three of Nine – I see nine koi pushed to the bg with the three main koi. Stupid name, I know because it really doesn’t say anything except about the number there! haha

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