Sam my best buddy – a graphite drawing


snow sam3
I drew this in pencil mostly an HB, but also a graphite stick in three values…which I like to use for larger areas.

Sam is about nine years old now, and he is a dog of a lifetime. If anyone has ever had a dog like this they know what I’m talking about. Some dogs are just special. He is very intuitive and seems to know me better then I know myself. I have always loved him because he is the perfect dog for me. Gentle yet protective if need be. Aways a quiet dog who silently rests at my feet, never whiny or begs, he has a dignified manner which I seem to respond to.

I will say in his younger days he did bite a few people(nothing bad just a warning bite) all of them men, I think he can be a bit jealous. Also in his younger days he took on almost all male dogs in the neighborhood. I can’t remember one time he ever came out on the bad end of any of those tussles. One was even a pit bull.

He has one little problem…. He likes to chase the occasional cat, possum or raccoon, but I can’t blame him for that, it’s his nature to hunt these things. We have a cat and he leaves her alone, its just every other cat that’s up for grabs. I have to keep my eyes scanning ahead when we’re on a walk , cause Mr. Sam is always alert for varmints. He has pulled possums out from under bushes faster then I have time to react. Not to mention, raccoons down from trees and chip monks out of holes. He’s incredibly strong but listens to me when I tell him to ” drop it”. He gives me that look that says “oh please, let me have just this one”. One time he got into a skunk den and I had to take him to the groomer, he stunk up everything including me and it took all day to get that smell out of the car.

We’ve had some fun times and I’ll never forget him, I know he cannot be here with me forever, so I have drawn him a number of times and taken hundreds of photos. I ‘m just thankful I’ve been given this gift. I’ve had lots of dogs, I have three now, but I’ll never have another Sam.

Here is his drawing, I hope you enjoy it. Also, a picture of him in my front yard a couple of years ago when it snowed here. He’s a real snow dog I call him “nanook of the north” when its cold, his personality shines.


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