Gems of the Orient, Koi- A painting a day

Gems of the orient

I worked on this painting today and found I struggled a bit. More with the composition then the application. This is a normal situation most painters find themselves in. After you’ve been painting a while you don’t worry so much about how to do something as what to do. I hope that makes sense. When you have mastered all the techniques, then you have to decide when, where and how to utilize them. The problem with really great art and creating it is the fine line each artists walks with trying to express something and not allowing it to be over done. Something a little too bright will appear schmaltzy, a little to dark it may appear flat and lifeless, too light and it will seem to lack depth, the balance one seeks is difficult to achieve but when its right, anyone can see that it is so.
I am hoping you enjoy my Koi as I think I may be getting close to working thru my Koi series. This piece is for sale for $100.00 USD …size is 15 by 11(inches) on 300 lb paper. This will fit into a standard size frame of 16 by 20.
It would look smashing in your home. Who knows…I may even keep it if it doesn’t sell right away.

For my Artists readers… 

My colors for the water are: cyan, sepia, ultramarine blue and phathalo green. most of the time mixed in various combinations.
The pigments of the Koi are: orange lake, Quin gold, primary red, cad yellow, Burnt Sienna and the black is made from three colors mentioned above, the red, green and blue.


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