High Class Tancho Sanke Koi -a painting a day

koi black and white
This koi reminds me of the Japanese flag with the red on the white background. I like the black and white koi too but for this one I decided to go with all three colors with the isolated color on the head.

There are names for the different Koi… like “Tancho” (pure white with red head markings) Also There is “Tancho Sanke” which I think may be the fish I painted, anyway its falls into this category. Black and white tortoiseshell markings with the red head. I have seen so many beautiful markings, Koi really are gems of the Orient. I don’t try to depict them as they truly are, but use my Artist’s privilege to paint them any way I choose.

This Koi is on 300 lb paper is 11 by 15 inches which is larger then the small daily paintings.

I’ll send it to you for $100.00 USD (plus 7.50 for shipping) It’s simply beautiful with these unique markings. email me if interested. I may put it on ebay later this week if it doesn’t sell.


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