Lemons – a painting a day

I have been sketching some commission work for a mural, but I managed to squeeze in this little painting . Its been raining here and the trees are covered in little droplets of ice and I was really wanting to paint them, but I decided to paint this painting because it’s a commission work. What can I say, I gotta pay the bills…
I do love lemons, the texture of their skin, the color and especially the way they look inside a blue glass bowl. It’s really great being an artist. Everything I see is a painting, I sometimes just look up into the sky and I feel an overwhelming expression or emotion of joy come over me. Little things like colored glass or lichens on bark, fall leaves or mist floating across the water can send me running to my sketch book. I’m very thankful for this gift, because I do think it’s special to be able to capture some of these things.

“Lemons” is small at 5 by 6.5 inches


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