Misty trees and the lake A painting a day

misty trees
Busy Busy Busy, whew, just had enough time to finish this painting before the sun went down. I like to photograph my paintings in natural light, the paintings look( to me) to be the most accurate for computer screens. On my laptop it seems as if everything is a little washed out, I know I need to adjust the resolution on the screen so I don’t use it as a gage. My desk top with a LCD flat screen the work looks great.

Painting Lesson

This is a wet into wet painting. Here is how you paint it,
140 lb paper laid flat on table or painting table. Use a 1 1/2 or 2 inch flat or angle brush, sable if you own one but squirrel, goat hair or synthetic will work too. Paint water across the paper until the entire surface is wet and smooth. No puddles on the surface and no water on the edge if you have taped it down.
While the paper is still wet but does not have any puddles apply the blue for the water. The blue is cobalt blue mixed with Burn’t Sienna. You might want to mix some up before you start if your a slow painter. You decide if you want it more blue or more green by changing the amount of each color in the mix. You paint this across the lower half of the painting. Using horizontal strokes, take the brush and touch the surface of the table off the edge of the paper and quickly stroke across to the other side of the paper. This is to avoid stop marks. Do this several times, going back and forth adding more paint but not more water. When you get to the top of the Horizon line it should be a little lighter here…allow the paint color to get lighter and lighter. If you think its too dak use a clean wet brush (not soping wet but damp) to pull some of the blue color out and the white of the paper should show thru everywhere you lift. You don’t need to add any more water if your paper is still damp or glistening. If you taped down your paper you will need to clean off the paint from the tape now, this is so none of the wet paint ot water seeps back onto the surface of your painting, causing run backs. Now, make the blue mixture a little more blue then green and paint acoss the top a stripe of blue, this will look like sky. Repeat the clean up of the tape process.
no stopping now… your paper should still be wet and a little glistening or at least moist. Use a clean damp flat brush and put a small amount of raw sienna on one side and just water on the other side. Blot the brush before you touch the painting with it, this is to remove excess paint and water. Paint this across the horizon line just above the blue of the water. Paint the horizontal stokes like before. The damp (no paint) side of the brush should be stroking upward while the raw sienna side is painting the lower part still all above the horizon line, do not paint the raw sienna across the blue of the water unless you want the water to be a bit more greennear the top. We’re using the raw sienna because this will give a warm feel to the horizon line. If your a fast painter you can now paint the trees but if your a slow painter and the paint has dried you will have to allow the painting to sit until its completly dry. Since I’m a fast painter I go on to make a mixture of green for the trees. This mixture is sap green and sepia mixed together, It has a lot of water in the mixture,because it is very light. Clean your brush from all past colors used. After putting your brush (same brush still) in this mixture of sap green and sepia, you will need to blot it on paper towels or something to dry out some of the water in the mix. This way you won’t get run backs. If working on dry paper, don’t worry about blotting. Paint your trees with a back and forth figure eight motion allowing the brush to dance across the paper.This give the trees some movement. Add a little of the blue mixture to your green mixture for one or two of the trees for variety. Remember to leave some space for the little bush and for any mist you want. Paint the bush a light raw sienna ( this is a tie in to the Horizon). If your trees and bushes looked too hard edged just take a bristle bush, dip it into clean water, blot on a towel or sponge. Then touch the edge of the brush to the hard edge you want to soften, do this lightly. If your still working wet into wet, no need to soften the edges because the paper is still damp, it will do it for you. Now do the rocks and anything you want on the island. Use any of the colors you have already used in any combination you want. Allow for everything to dry.

The last thing is the reflections in the water, You don’t have to make it a mirror image, you can if you want, but it doens’t make it a better painting.

Do this on dry paper.
Paint your reflections in the water on top of your dry blue water. Paint everything you painted on the island except upside down. When painting the trees or bushes, use the same color you used above, it’s Ok if it is a bit darker or lighter.
Now, pull or drag a paint filled brush down across the tree and bush shapes using the correct color for each. Clean your brush and do the same thing going across. Now clean your brush again but leave it damp and pull out some breeze marks to depict movement. After each breeze mark, clean the brush and pull out all the water and paint in the brush by blotting on paper towels. You can now add minor details, like a bird flyng around the bend or leave it as is.

You should be done. Hope it looks great!


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