Winter’s solitude a painting a day and an art lesson

winter's solitude

Its raining here in South Carolina but I thought it would be nice if it would snow. I painted this little tree with a palette knife. Its an easy technique and gives very natural marks for things like trees and rocks. For trees, first you mix up paint to the consistency of creme. It cannot be sticky nor can it be drippy. You take a clean palette knife ( you need to use vinegar or lemon to clean any oils from the blade) You take the knife and place it into your paint, lay it flat,then you take the knife and place the tip onto the paper, You pull upward with the tip of the palette knife on your paper making long thin lines. You carefully decide where to place these marks, but the action itself must be fast and decisive. This gives you a natural appearance to a tree or shrub. You can wait till it dries and lift out areas if you feel it is too dark. The lifted out areas can be toned or left with the stain of the last application. Either way it looks great.

The snow is a combination of burnt sienna and cobalt blue. Both have granulating qualities which gives the snow life.

The green hills are green and red mixed with sepia. The hills in the back are the blue snow mixture with a little green added, the other one is the snow mixture with little red added which makes a soft lavender. If you want to try this technique, just try it on any paper till you get the hang of it. Its easy. Zoltan Szabo taught me this and he would be happy to know it’s still being taught. Zoltan passed away a few years ago. A real master at watercolor.

OK, so now you have it….go paint… Its fun!

A follow up to this post… I received this photo from one of my readers,

snow image

This photo was sent to me from Wendy and here is her comment “Shanti, When I read in your description it was from your imagination I thought Wow, I have to send this picture to you !
It is in my back yard in Maribel Wisconsin and the valley is part of the Niagara Escarpment. Amazing they are so very similar.”

I agree! It is amazing! Do you hear the theme to the twilight zone?


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