High tech stuff

I just like the colors in this picture, don’t you?

If your like me you tend to like to see what’s new in the HIGH TECH world. I like to drop into best buy or one of the other stores and see what new gadgets or improvements to old gadgets have been made each year. Saying this I also have to say I’m still impressed with good old fashion photography. No digital redos or special effect. When I see good design wonderful composition mixed with great values, I’m usually floored.
Anyway back to the High tech stuff…I was checking out all the mp3 palyers and its nice to see how many new and different I pods they will trudge out before us until there is one in every pocket or purse.

I have an mp3 player, in fact had it now for several years, its a gateway and I like to use it when I paint or am drawing in a location where others are near by. Like in drawing class. Drawing with others can be a bit intimidating and I find even though I am not the competitive type, I want my drawing to be one of the best in the class. I’ll find it difficult to focus and cannot get into the drawing zone. The music actually helps break me out of this mode & into a purely creative mode. So if you have an MP3 player and its laying around somewhere collecting dust, I think you should try using it when you have to create in a busy atmosphere or even if you just need to switch off the world. It works for me. I think it may help you.


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