PINK CHRISTMAS -a painting a day 1/2 price day

pink Christmas  a little Better focused
This is another one of those paintings that I thought didn’t really work. I brought it out this morning while I was drinking a cup of coffee to give it a second look. I decided to repaint several areas and to crop off believe it or not the focal point. Thus creating a new focal point, a bit close to the edge but I think it works.
it’s a small painting 1/8 sheet 11″ by 7.5″ and will sell for 25.00( plus shipping) to the first person to email me at


3 thoughts on “PINK CHRISTMAS -a painting a day 1/2 price day

  1. Yes, it totally works, and at this point I am salivating over the thought of trying it myself–in my early days, I often drew half faces, instead of whole faces–I received a bunch of comments on it, most of which were from arm chair psychologists who tried to analyze my motive (split personality? Incomplete psyche?)
    It is refreshing to see this technique from another artist. I must say, though, your flowers don’t look incomplete at all, even when divided.
    Shanti, have you ever thought of taking it a step further and dividing a picture into three separate frames displayed side by side?

  2. One other thing–I think you may be pricing your work to inexpensively.
    (I did that all of the time with my portraits).
    I am guessing that A. you need the money fast
    B. you underestimate the worth of your work
    C. money is not your main motivator; you just want to move this days work and procede to tomorrow
    D. you paint very very quickly, and consider the time factor into the price.
    Actually, I could really use a couple of your rose pics on my blog, so I should probably keep my mouth shut 🙂

  3. I decided a long time ago if I tied my self worth to the amount of money people would pay for my art iit wouldn’t be worth waking up each day. Money cannot be the motivation for creating. It will only lead you away from what you need to explore and away from any knowledge you seek.

    I enjoy seeing my little creations in smeone’s home, I like knowing someone really enjoys them.
    I’m not a money person, never have been, thats why I guess I don’t have much. I have been lucky enought to always have enough and thats the main thing.

    Thanks for your comments

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