Humming bird lunch a painting a day

humming bird lunch
I have been told one more day for the floor. But I’m not going to hold my breath cause I’ve been hearing that every day.

I’ll take a picture of the floor just so you can see it completed. It’s starting to look pretty good.

It’s been difficult to paint with people coming in and out of the house combined with all the saw noise, at times I thought I’d never get any work done. when I look back at this weeks work, I think my work is showing a bit of an edge to it.
I usually have a very soft touch and I have a style that is almost seamless. If you look at the recent work you can see it exudes some tension. I guess this is part of being an artist. Its difficult to hide your emotions, your brush strokes speak when you don’t. Paint doesn’t lie and your work lets the world know if your having a bad day or if your stress level rises. Maybe a glass of wine might be in order. along that note… Zoltan Szabo once told me to drink a shot of whiskey before I begin to paint. This was during my perfectionist period. I think I’m over that problem.


One thought on “Humming bird lunch a painting a day

  1. Shanti, I LOVE this wonderful picture of the hummingbird and the foxgloves!
    I have grown those flowers right in with my hollyhocks and they look great mixed in with them, they also are biennials.

    The colors in this are the kind of colors that I like to use. They absolutely sing.

    Did the work ever get done at your house?


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