Do we as Artists create absolutely? You decide.

There is a topic of conversation which I have thought about for a while and have come to some conclusions. The Idea that we as artists create absolutely.
It’s hard for me to believe that anyone who is active in the art world can be creating without something or someone influencing their work. Thus the idea that their work is truly unique can only be true if you take in account their path to this uniqueness. Each artist makes a lengthy journey at finding their style and developing their methods. I contend, we choose certain combinations from a repertoire of ideas. There is a collective consciousness of humanity that we all reach into and pull out something that we respond to. This makes it ours, this is like taking a recipe and spicing it to fit our tastes. It is our uniqueness and our creativity which springs from our choices. It doesn’t come from nothing.
 As an artist I can tell you that I am greatly influenced by many things in my environment both good and bad.

My work is consciously or unconsciously also influenced by what other artists paint. Sometimes I limit my exposure to certain things knowingly, to eliminate the possibility that it may show up in my work. Other times I grasp onto something allowing the Osmosis to occur, to let my work evolve as it may with the aid of other artist’s work. I don’t try to mimic anyone’s work but I will try to paint in their style or even paint one of their paintings to see how it fits with my style. I evaluate the process and try to get into the other artist’s mind. I’m always amazed that two people doing the same type of work can have such different approaches to the same subject in the same medium. Sometimes all I find out is how much I like what I’m already doing. By working with another’s palette or by trying certain methods I find I have a broader sense of the challenges each artist faces. Most of the time, it just gives me some ideas as to how I want to proceed in developing my own style. It helps solidify my tastes and gives me a direction to proceed. My confidence level is strengthened by working thru ideas others before me have mastered.

Folks are always worried about copying, or infrigment, and you should be concerned. But you should also know that no matter what your style or how you approach your work, you are influenced by what other artists are doing and you shouldn’t be worry about that, its part of the process of finding your own voice. All major artists movements fed off of each other, the impressionists, Ash can, Dada, etc. These folks only became better artists by the exchange of information and by digesting the work of their peers.


7 thoughts on “Do we as Artists create absolutely? You decide.

  1. Shanti,

    I agree with you – trying out techniques and media from other artists, we learn and grow and gain better perspectives into what that artist did and how. I always have to laugh when I hear someone described as a “self-taught artist” because I don’t believe anyone is totally self-taught. Everything we see in magazines, on the internet, in galleries and shows, influences us. I think what they mean to say is they don’t have a formal art education but no one that doesn’t live in a cave and carve on the walls can say no other artist has influenced and taught them.

  2. I have made a comment in the online paint-a-day group, reading your post here I was also going to comment about the notion of “finding your voice” (but Ascender commented first so I am not even original in that!) That idea that there is a true voice & that we find it rather than learn it is quite something, I believe that, and I think it is unique too – our signature is ours and can’t really be copied, even though there are “Van Gogh” programs out there.

    Makes me think I’ll do a vase of flowers – now that is an idea! I have not shunned the obvious in my work, dogs & cats, flowers & mountains. I am aware of the corny aspect of those things – but I hope something of me & of the uniqueness of the subject too shines through.

    A few days ago I wrote something related to this on my blogrelated “Signature”


    I like your paintings, of the few I have browsed I particularly the small water colour blue trees.

  3. Thank you for your insight, and yes, I must agree with you.
    As a portrait artist, I often tell people that I am REcreative, not creative. For example, I can draw an item at hand so realistically that it is often mistaken for a photo (by the way, that teapot looks real!)
    I can draw the face I see, but not a cartoon (caricature) of it.
    Cartoonists are, in my opinion, more creative than Rembrandt style artists, because they draw upon their own perception, not just what their eye can see.

    I thank you for you fine work–
    Sue Melin

  4. I think the only time that we could have “created absolutely” is before the world was created or had a big bang, depending on your beliefs. If you believe in a Creator then anything we create is only a reflection of what has already been created. If you believe in “The Big Bang” the same applies but we are only copying a random creation. There is nothing new under the sun. If you fancy having a look at my “Not created absolutely pictures”, have a look at I’d love to hear from you. Sue

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