Twin Koi a painting a day

koi twins 2

Its a good thing I started this painting last night. I developed a really bad backache, I think I have a pinched nerve or something because it was a bit difficult for me to paint. I need to reevaluate my chair and my painting setup, it may be causing me to reach too much. I hate to take pain pills but I’m going to have to do something. Happy new year folks, I’m going to bed,(its 6pm).

PINK CHRISTMAS -a painting a day 1/2 price day

pink Christmas  a little Better focused
This is another one of those paintings that I thought didn’t really work. I brought it out this morning while I was drinking a cup of coffee to give it a second look. I decided to repaint several areas and to crop off believe it or not the focal point. Thus creating a new focal point, a bit close to the edge but I think it works.
it’s a small painting 1/8 sheet 11″ by 7.5″ and will sell for 25.00( plus shipping) to the first person to email me at

Pink Roses for my Amy – a painting a day


Here are the roses I painted for my daughter Amy, she asked me to paint some roses on her last visit, but she only likes the semi closed roses or rose buds. Since she’ll be visiting soon, I decided I’ll have these ready for her.

I wanted to show you my studio and  few things about my daily painting routine now that the floor is finally finished. I moved my painting table in and have most of my equipment in place.
This is the color chart I made for painting light colored objects. These roses are painted using the glazing method. This is a way to paint when you want the objects to  have a feeling of transparency or lightness. You layer on each color & allow it to dry between coats. The first color painted acts like stained glass and shines thru the upper color to form new colors and glow in appearance. For instance you will put down a Burn’t sienna then layer over a light red, since both values are very light it appears as a pink. You can see he pink I used in the chart (the one on the right)I have a line penciled between the two colors combination I would use for the pinks roses. One has yellow under the red and the other has the B. Sienna under the red.
This is a close up of my palette. You can see I use a porcelain palette which helps me see the colors. I used a butcher tray for years and still use them often (for painting bigger pieces) for the same reason. I also keep my paints in mini muffin tins by color family. There is an electric eraser in the foreground which I use to erase the pencil lines just before I start to paint. With these very light colors its hard to hide the pencil marks. There are two very small containers of water, one is clean water and the other is not. Since I used a number 2 and a number 6 round to paint this painting, I don’t like to have my paint brush so wet it’s dripping or has drops of water on the ferrule. These small containers allow me to only dip the point into the cup.
The spray bottle is used to keep my paints wet.
studio sam
Here is the famous veneer floor. I picked the large planks with the rustic look. I like it! It seems to work well with the dogs and its very practical.
You can see Sam one of my labs. I put a blanket under my larger table to keep me from having to step over him all the time. I have a tv/dvd player in the corner which at the moment I’m watching the sopranos first season.
I also have a lap top over to the side with a reference photo just in case I need it.  Also my laptops plays music if I’m not watching the DVDs, the music actually helps me paint.
pink roses and easel
Here is how my small paintings sit on a table easel attached to a clip board with the reference material nearby. If I use a photo, say a 4 by 6, I clip the photo to the light over head. I use real flowers  or set up a still life sometimes but I find flowers die rather quickly and the timing has to be perfect.
paint circles2

This is in the other corner, the very important studio cat, her name is chubbs. Actually I took this photo to show you how I have charts for all my paints. I spent three days once painting every color I own onto these large 22 by 30 sheets of paper. This is just two of the sheets, I find them very useful. I have light, medium and dark value in each circle and they are labeled by brand and name. I can see their attributes, like transparency opaqueness or granulation at a glance. People have actually tried to buy them, they are beautiful in their own way. Kinda like POP art.  That small box like thing is my router its so I can network and use my lap top from any room in the house or out on the deck.  
I hope this gives you an idea of m set up, its a peek into my painting space. E-mail me if you have any questions.

Little Sparrow Big Wire- a painting a day


This little bird brought his whole family by to eat suet from my yard. Its rather a riot watching all the birds come in each day. I have two red bellied woodpeckers, several titmice, beautiful nuthatches, blacked capped Chickadees and many Cardinals. Of course Baxter’s grandchildren (the squirrels) come in and get their share. They eat so much,I have to put up a new cake every few days.

MOUNTAIN GAZEBO a painting a day

mountain Gazebo
This was painted from a photo. This small gazebo is up in the mountains of North Carolina.

I took the dogs for a long walk today in the woods along the banks of Lake Wylie. It rained and they were such a mess when we got back, but all of us thoroughly enjoyed it!

Don’t you love that feeling of being tired but in a good way? That’s how I felt when we got back.

My Coffee Art, a painting a day

cofe latte

Here is my version of Coffee art, I stayed up late last night to paint this and the whole time, I kept thinking, “go get a compass, you can’t draw a circle within a circle to save your life”, did I? No, its hard to understand if your not an artist, but sometimes I just can’t stop painting even if I know I should, I get into this a zone and paint I must.

I hope all of you are having a good Weekend.

“Winter Home” a landscape painting a day

winter home
I found this painting in my flat file while looking for something else. It was actually a piece which didn’t work. There were problems in the foreground and issues with some of the colors. I don’t post everything I paint, sometimes I feel it isn’t good enough to even show anyone. I cropped this painting (cut off about 6 inches) repainted most of it and tried to save it from the trash can. Now, I like the longer format, it changes the painting somehow, makes it more intimate.

Lakeside cabin a painting a day

lakeside cabin

It was very dark and the sky was threatening rain all day. Without the sunlight, you don’t see the reflections on water like you normally would, and the shadows are either nonexistent or barely there. The trees and the colors are less bright and there seems to be a greyness to everything. I like rainy days but most people tend to dislike them. I find rain keeps people indoors so when I go for my walk, I have everything to myself. Well to myself and my three dogs.

If you are wondering about my floor, it isn’t finished yet, I’m hoping to get the finishing touches (molding) done tomorrow. The carpet was ordered but it takes two weeks.