Storm over the Horizon – A painting a day

Storm over the Horizon matt cutting

This is my mat cutting and shipping area. First the paintings are weighed down over night and made totally flat, then the mats are cut, then they are backed and placed in a plastic envelopes. Next they are sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard and finally into the mail envelope. It a long process and is part of being an Artist. I wish I could turn this over to someone else, but there isn’t enought profit to hire this work out. It takes so long for me to get this done, sometimes I have to spend two days a week getting all the paintings ready to go. Some go to The Art league where I have an area to hang work and to show a series of paintings. Others are stored for possible sale on E bay Usually in the flat file. Then there are the few that are framed. These are special and they go into shows or into a gallery. You can see in the photo above, that I work in a series when painting the larger works. Usually two or three paintings from each idea becomes a series, but some ideas like the koi series may never end. I find them to be fasinating subjects and constantly evolving. Tomorrow, I have to rush back from Reliegh NC ( about 3 hours away)to get my daily painting in before the deadline. I’ll paint it tonight. I’m very excited. I’m going to see the Monet’s.

Sunflower Day – A Painting A Day- Shanti Marie

See the Bidding!

This wonderful little painting measures 8 inches by 10 inches. Its actually a little bigger than most daily painting but I painted it to be a companion piece for Cornfowers which is the same size. If you would like to bid on this painting, it will go on eBay at 2:00pm eastern time. Check my ebay store.

Little Trees A painting a day

little trees


I painted this painting quickly and without thought or a drawing. It isn’t too complicated, but I find it has a relaxing feel.

I will put this painting up on e bay later tonight. I will start the bidding at $10.00. Its a odd size painting and will need to be custom matted and framed. Approximate size:9 by 12 inches

Peach Lillies- A painting A day

Peach Lillies

This is a quarter sheet size watercolor which is 11 by 15 inches.
Some would say it looks more like an oil painting than a watercolor.
That’s because sometimes I paint my watercolors in a soft wet natural watercolor style and other times I paint dry with multiple glazes. This was painted in glazes.

The Glazing method is simple and not difficult to learn but it takes a lot of patience. You must wait for every layer to dry before you put on the next layer. You usually have an under painting which is not always obvious at the end but its like oils, it will radiate thru the painting. Sometimes it is allowed to show. It tends to harmonized the piece.

Abstract landscape – A painting a day

abstract in the dark See the Bidding

So many landscapes this week, to break things up a bit, I decided to do a landscape in another style. rather than impressionistic I decided to do an abstract.

We had a good Thanksgiving, drank a little wine, ate some turkey, drank some more wine, had some pie. you get the idea, Oh boy, I’m full. Its almost 9 pm and everyones gone home. The dishes are done and I think I’ll draw. I stopped by the video store today, and picked up the Davinci Code so maybe I’ll draw while I watch it. I hear its rather slow.

Hope your day went well and if your thinking of shoppping tomorrow your a braver soul than I.

Winter Grass – A painting a day

winter grass

I know today is a very busy day for most people but crazy as it may seem its pretty slow for me. I guess everyone is traveling or out buying food for thanksgiving. Anyway, its been raining non -stop here for 36 hours. The dogs are hunkered down and pretty much sleeping. I have two paintings going. Which makes me happy. I won’t paint tomorrow, so I’ll have one ready to post on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving is always a good day for eating, Oh yeah, that reminds me, I gotta run to the store for some tagamet. We are having Cajhun deep fried turkey and all the trimmings. I’m no cook so we’re buying the turkey this year. The last time I tried to fry a turkey, it was black on the outside, burnt to a crisp! We still ate it. Everyone said it was great. Don’t you love friends? They’ll eat a burn’t turkey and still give you kudos. This year, I am just making the side dishes of mash potatoes, peas and ambrosia. I think I am safe making those dishes.
My friend Karen is bringing gingered yams and pumpkin pie oh and of course, a bottle of wine. A little bread maybe some stuffing and we pretty much have a meal.

About my painting for today. Its rather gray outside, and I thought I would paint a gray kinda painting. But I always like to put some warmth into most of my paintings so I made the grass a warm raw sienna.

Once again I have no title but I’ll call it “winter grass” for now.

Names of Paintings

I’ve always struggled to name my paintings and don’t know what to call the many paintings I create. It may be a problem with being prolific. Or it could be I’m no word smith.

Some of you may be interested to know I was given a list of possible names for my paintings by my readers, below are some of them…

Most of these suggestions are for the painting of trees I did a few days a go.

1. Pine Needles
2. Lightning in the forest
3. Fall fascination
4. Positive Beauty in a negative space
5. Uncertainty
6. Misguided
7. Fallsmosis
8. Nature’s palette
9. Fall mystery
10. The shadows

1ST SNOW A Painting a day

1st snow

About once a week I try to put up one of my larger works and this is it for this week. This painting is a 1/2 sheet watercolor or 15 by 22 for those who don’t work in watercolor.  It has two little dots of lights, those aren’t on the painting but are a product of my crappy photography.

This snow scene is a little diferent then you might usually see because it has warm colors in the background. As everyone knows cool colors recede, warm colors come forward. Usually you would not place warm colors too far into the background. But sometimes I like to break the rules.

No name – A painting a day

This painting was inspired by my walks in the woods. I have painted so many of these little gems, I can’t think of a new name for this one. So, send in your suggestions. I will pick the best one. If interested in adopting this little painting email me at Adoption fee is $25.00 + shipping.

By the way this is a negative painting. Meaning (in case you didn’t know) you don’t paint the shapes but the space around the shapes.
I love this type of painting even thought it takes a lot of concentration. Maybe that’s why I can’t think of a name. I can only think so much in a day, and I think I used my quota.

Winter Pond – A painting a day

winter pond

This little pond looks more like a small depression on the ground, rather than a pond. Its funny how you will come upon these little ponds filled with a foot of water and the occasional frog or turtle lurking about. You realise this little eco system is short lived and without the rains they don’t exist.
Its this abbreviated life span that makes them interesting.