Pit Bull Pups need love too – A Painting A day

Pit bull pups need love too

“Pit Bull Pups need love too” is a painting of my daughter’s dog.  Her name is Cali.  She is a beautiful dog who unfortunately is of a breed that was bred for fighting.  Such a sweet heart of a dog  and is extremely well mannered.  Of course she is an apartment queen, laying about all day waiting for my daughter to get home from work.  Her gray and white fur is so beautiful, I just had to paint her portrait. SOLD


2 thoughts on “Pit Bull Pups need love too – A Painting A day

  1. All of your paintings are exceptional, but this one of Cali is inspired. What a beautiful expression in the eyes, so open and trusting. I’d like to use this with a link to you of course if I ever do a post on Pit Bulls. I have defended them against SBL but my only experience with one has been one my parents had briefly. They gave it away to a family that had small children and mutual love, dog for children. He was a great dog for his whole life. Yes, they are terribly misunderstood.

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