After Arleta- A painting a day

wine & light

This painting is a copy of a painting by Arleta Pech.  I painted it as a study for glass and candel light.  Earlier this year I took a class with her and she taught me a lot about reflections and light.  I have painted several of her paintings (with her permission) as a learning tool. You may purchase this piece for $100.00.

Winter lake -A Painting a day

winter lake

It rained for about 14 hours here on Friday and then sun came out yesterday. It was a cool breezy day, but just warm enough to get me outside to rake leaves and clean up the yard.  Some of the tall canna Lillies and the banana trees were burned by a recent frost, so I cut them down and stacked the large leaves in a pile.  I thought of Hawaii and how they roast pigs in those leaves.

  We still have lots of color in the landscape but the gray rainey day and the rust of the fall colors gave me more of an impression of winter.  There I was walking the dogs near the end of the day, with the sun just starting to go down and the temperature dropping.   I looked up at a  rather desolate scene of trees and scrub. The lake was still except a light breeze to break up the reflective water.

This painting is for sale for $100.00 US dollars and you must email me at if interested. It is a half sheet of watercolor paper which is 15 by 22 inches.

Pit Bull Pups need love too – A Painting A day

Pit bull pups need love too

“Pit Bull Pups need love too” is a painting of my daughter’s dog.  Her name is Cali.  She is a beautiful dog who unfortunately is of a breed that was bred for fighting.  Such a sweet heart of a dog  and is extremely well mannered.  Of course she is an apartment queen, laying about all day waiting for my daughter to get home from work.  Her gray and white fur is so beautiful, I just had to paint her portrait. SOLD

Corn Flowers – A painting a day

This painting is one of those fast sketch like paintings I paint to warm up.  Sometimes they turn out to be great little paintings in their own right. The size is 8 inches by 10 inches. fits in a standard 11 by 14 mat and frame.  For my special of the week, it’s for sale for $25.00.  Email me if interested.  SOLD

The two white marks on the left side of the photo are actually the plastic wrap which is reflecting back to the camera lens. They will not be on the original.

corn flowers

Silver, Lace and Roses – A painting a day

For this painting I didn’t have any real roses so I left them a bit soft and I think I’ll rework some of the shadows on the lace, but its pretty much done.  I hope you like it.

 I’m pretty tired as I had so many things to do today and I’m posting this painting later than usual.  

This is not a minaturel painting.  it is 1/4 sheet and is for sale for $300.00.

Write to  shantmarie for buying instructions or questions



I took this painting to the frame shop this morning. I’m entering it into a local art league juried show in November.  Lets hope it gets in.  I had several more ideas to incorporate, but decided to leave it alone. Sometimes less is more.  I hope the composition is strong enough to entice the Juror.

It’s being frame in a 2 inch Mahogany wood frame and measures 18″ by 24 inches.  I ‘m  no word smith so my husband names these larger pieces for me.  He is doing the Koi series names which are Koi nundrum, Koiillision, Koiincidence you get the idea.  Speak up if you can think of another one.

 Speaking of Juried shows…

Tomorrow’s  going to be a busy day for me.  I am the Chairperson for another art group.  I will not have an entry in this show as I’m there with the juror to help with the process of putting this show together.  It’s always difficult because I would love it, if all the art entered could be displayed.  Of course this can’t happen & only a certain number of pieces will fit into the space.  My guess is about 70larger pieces.  I will have the sad task of calling artists with the news that their work has been declined. 

I try to be positive, but how do you tell someone their work wasn’t selected.  If anyone has any comments or advice, perhaps some words to say to let an artists know his/ her work was not selected.  I would love to hear from you.  How has this worked for you? I can use all the help I can get.  I can’t even say the word “rejected” to any artist.

I know the feeling when my work gets declined (see,I didn’t say rejected) for a show.  I open the mail and there it is, the dreaded rejection slip.   I used to throw them out, but now they are part of the process and I proudly display them on my bulletin board, I must have at least a dozen.  My dear friends will always support me and tell me their crazy blabla bla, but it’s tough.  Sometimes I think I shouldn’t enter these shows but to be honest, I get in more than not and I do feel very special when my work is being displayed along side of other aritst’s work whom I admire.

Shrine in the Mist – A painting a day


I placed the link to Wild Acres for those of you who may be interested in this place. Besides groups they have a residency program. You can even apply on-line.
The food is home cooked and good, they will do kosher, vegan, and other restricted diet foods if needed but usually everyone eats family style at large round tables in a dinning hall. Its the atmosphere I love and that can’t be described.

The Feeling of total freedom to work without interruption. The support of others and a beautiful location all make it a great place to create. I don’t think they have air conditioning so if you have problems with heat don’t go in summer. Also if your cell phone is permanently attached to your ear, you may have some anxiety issues. There is no phone ( well there is and old black desk phone hidden in a closet which is a collect call phone ). some of us had to try our cell phones. I finally made one call. I walked around the place looking for a signal. I felt like those nuts in one of those cell phone commercials. “can you hear me now?” Finally, I found one spot ( one bar out of four) I had to climb up to the second level, stand out on the edge of this deck, hold my phone away from my body, use the speaker and Voila I was talking.  No problem, well not if you don’t mind hanging over the edge of a rail, while looking down at a fifty foot drop.
OK , so it is isolated. No TVs or Computers. Its only open during the warm weather months because the road is gravel for a mile or so, the last leg up to the lodge.  Good thing I have four wheel drive, but you didn’t really need it. In two weeks it will close for winter, I guess they get some snow.

Last weekend there were five groups, there was a choir, a teacher’s group, some potters, a religious group and another art group all there at the same time. All I can say is I didn’t know singers were so thirsty. Every night I stayed up late and could hear them all around the BIG fireplace. Later I went up to find a very happy group.

The choir sang a short song before every meal which was very special.

If your used to four star accommodations this isn’t for you, but if you love the outdoors, good food, in a relaxed atmosphere, one that allows you the needed time to concentrate on your art, you will love it.
You don’t have to be with any of the groups that go up to Wild Acres you just have to contact them and ask to be added to their roster and pay the group rate. The fees are more than reasonable.

I have decided to help with the arangements for our group next year. I just hope I can wait.