Check out this sketch – 3 minutes only

This is fun to watch! If you have three minutes… take a look it’s magic!  the only problem is: this takes you away from my blog, sorry, about that, please come back.


After Arleta- A painting a day

wine & light

This painting is a copy of a painting by Arleta Pech.  I painted it as a study for glass and candel light.  Earlier this year I took a class with her and she taught me a lot about reflections and light.  I have painted several of her paintings (with her permission) as a learning tool. You may purchase this piece for $100.00.

Winter lake -A Painting a day

winter lake

It rained for about 14 hours here on Friday and then sun came out yesterday. It was a cool breezy day, but just warm enough to get me outside to rake leaves and clean up the yard.  Some of the tall canna Lillies and the banana trees were burned by a recent frost, so I cut them down and stacked the large leaves in a pile.  I thought of Hawaii and how they roast pigs in those leaves.

  We still have lots of color in the landscape but the gray rainey day and the rust of the fall colors gave me more of an impression of winter.  There I was walking the dogs near the end of the day, with the sun just starting to go down and the temperature dropping.   I looked up at a  rather desolate scene of trees and scrub. The lake was still except a light breeze to break up the reflective water.

This painting is for sale for $100.00 US dollars and you must email me at if interested. It is a half sheet of watercolor paper which is 15 by 22 inches.

Pit Bull Pups need love too – A Painting A day

Pit bull pups need love too

“Pit Bull Pups need love too” is a painting of my daughter’s dog.  Her name is Cali.  She is a beautiful dog who unfortunately is of a breed that was bred for fighting.  Such a sweet heart of a dog  and is extremely well mannered.  Of course she is an apartment queen, laying about all day waiting for my daughter to get home from work.  Her gray and white fur is so beautiful, I just had to paint her portrait. SOLD