Dogwood A Painting a day


This small painting is about 6 inches by 6 inches  and was actually painted only because I was painting it as a demonstration piece.  These demos don’t always turn out, but when someone asked me if I ever sell the demos, I thought “she’s right, its good enough to stand on its own” So here is the painting for today.   If you ever think about teaching,  you should consider a demonstration as part of the class.  I find the actual paint while explaining method is invaluable. If you’ve been painting for a long time, you forget how a beginner thinks.  The student on the other hand has no understanding of your thought process and to allow someone to see you paint from start to finish helps them understand your methods and approach.  The problem  for the teacher is the interuption, with questions and of course the drying paint . You have to be able to field questions and paint at the same time.  Anyone who paints in watercolor understands the timing of the application is one of the most important aspects of the painting process.


1 thought on “Dogwood A Painting a day

  1. Beautiful little painting and it definitely does stand on its own. I wonder what your topic was for this demo? When I’m teaching and do a demo it’s always a leap of faith that I’ll be able to pull it off–clearly demonstrate the technique, make the painting work, and be able to talk at the same time. More often then not it all works out fine, but there’s always that moment…

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